​Beekeeping Supplies

​1oz Beeswax $1.00ea

1 pound of Beeswax $10.00

1/2 pound Beeswax &6.00

It is estimated that the bees must fly 150,000 miles to collect enough nectar to produce six pounds of honey just to secrete one pound of wax. And for every 100 pounds of honey harvested, the beekeeper can only obtain about 1-2 pounds of the beeswax.

Self-Sacrifice at its best
It really is a terrible way to die. Sting someone to protect yourself and in the process inflict a mortal injury on yourself. The bee sting usually harms not only the person that has been stung, but also the bee which loses part of its abdomen that comes off with the stinger. Given that the bee can only use its deadly weapon once, it has to make sure it inflicts the most damage. Once that stinger is injected into the skin, the bee cannot get it out. As such, the bee loses most of its intestines when it pulls away, and dies soon after.

Bee Brush                                                                                   $8.00

Beekeeper's Hat                                                                        $15.00

Beekeeper's Vail                                                                        $20.00

Complete Hive (Bottom,Top,Box,10 frames)                         $120.00

Deep Box Assembled, frame & foundation                            $85.00

Feeders                                                                                       $10.00

Foundation,Deep                                                                        $2.00

Foundation,Medium                                                                   $1.75

Foundation,shallow                                                                    $1.60

Frames,deep w/foundation (Assembled)                                  $4.25

Frames,deep,2 sides,top & bottom (Unassembled)                 $3.00

Frames, medium w/foundation (Assembled)                            $4.00

Frames,medium, 2 sides, top & bottom (Unassembled)         $2.75

Frames, shallow w/foundation (Assembled)                            unavail

Frames,shallow, 2 sides, top & bottom (Unassembled)          unavail

Frames Spacers                                                                         $. 65ea

Gloves (Leather)                                                                         $17.50

Hive Body Tools                                                                           $6.50

Medium Box Assembled, frame & foundation                         $77.50

Nukes (5 frame Swap)- call for availability                                     $250.00

Plain Box (Deep)                                                                          $40.00

Shallow Box Assembled, frame & foundation                          $75.00

Smokers (Dadant, Large)                                                            $45.00

Smokers (Other, medium)                                                           $38.00

Top or Bottom Boards                                                                $35.00 


FIRST LESSONS IN BEEKEEPING                                             $15.00

HEALTH AND THE HONEYBEE                                                   $17.00